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Fall in love with boredom. Fall in love with repetition and practice. Fall in love with the process of what you do and let the results take care of themselves.
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Studying in Starbucks ★
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Studying in Starbucks ★

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Success is not obtained overnight. It comes in installments; you get a little bit today, a little bit tomorrow until the whole package is given out. The day you procrastinate, you lose that day’s success.
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Anonymous asked: Can you teach me how to time manage, sine you say you're good at it? I'm a huge procrastinator and it almost physically hurts to try and make myself get work done. I'm scared that it's going to ruin my academical life. Please teach me your secrets, sensei.



I have no idea if this is actually going to be helpful because different people work better in different kinds of environment and maybe my best environment is not yours, but this is what I do:

1- wake up at the same (early) hour every day 
2- make 2 different schedules/plans: 
a “big picture” one where you keep information such as
all the major things you have to do, by when you’d like to be done, actual deadlines,  things you can cancel vs things you can’t cancel, etc.
and a “day to day” one where you just write down every week what you have to do every day that week, and then check and edit it every morning just to make sure it still applies
3- whenever you have a really big task to do, break it down in small steps and try to estimate how much it will take you to do each task
4- always overestimate how much time you need. I usually allow myself twice the amount of time I think something will actually take me.
5- never watch tv just to kill time or play video games just to kill time. Only do things because you genuinely enjoy doing them. Killing time is just wasting time.
6 - Don’t try to do everything at once. One thing at a time. 
7- Allow self break time, but respect break time. If the schedule says I have a break for 2 hours, then I have a break for 2 hours, not 2 hours and 5 minutes.
8- Never beat self up for failing to follow schedule. Instead try harder next time. Keep moving forward. 

I should also mention that my motivation comes from the fact that I’m lucky enough to love what I do as opposed to something of my own doing. I’m usually really excited about getting up and working because then I get to do awesome things. I wasn’t so good at time management back when I was in school and hated everything. In fact, I just procrastinated everything all the time. 

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How to motivate yourself to study! Make a list and remind yourself! #study #exam #motivation #inspire [Via Pinterest]
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How to motivate yourself to study! Make a list and remind yourself! #study #exam #motivation #inspire

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